Domain Research


What Is Included?

Every package comes with 1 domain name recommendation. DFYweb will secure the domain before transferring it to you. If, for any reason, you are not satisfied with our suggestion, we offer another domain name suggestion as a gesture of our commitment to your satisfaction.

Each domain will be/have:

  • Popular endings (.com, .net, .org, .co, .biz, .ai, .us, .xyz …) depending on your choice
  • Relevant to your chosen niche(s)
  • Memorable
  • Powerful domain rating – DR (if required)

Domain names with high rating can save you years and thousands of dollars that would otherwise be spent on link-building efforts. For premium domain names, you can explore our private collection here!


Introducing our Domain Research Service, your trusted partner in the quest for the perfect online identity. We understand that securing the right domain name is crucial for establishing a strong online presence. Whether you’re an entrepreneur looking to launch a new venture, a business seeking a memorable web address, or an investor eyeing future development potential, our service is designed to meet your domain needs comprehensively.

What sets our Domain Research Service apart is our dedication to quality and excellence. We don’t simply provide a list of available domain names; we carefully curate options that align with your brand, business, or personal identity. We understand the nuances of domain rating and ensure that, if required, your chosen domain has the power to fuel future development and growth.

If you’re interested in acquiring exceptionally powerful domain names with a high domain rating (i.e. DR 40+), please contact us for a custom order. We take great pride in our domain research expertise, and here are a few examples of the powerful domain names we’ve acquired in the past:

  • (General niche): DR 70 (acquired)
  • (Education niche): DR 61 (acquired)
  • (Brand): DR 60 (acquired)
  • (Biology niche): DR 55 (acquired)
  • (Medical niche): DR 47 (acquired)
  • (Template niche): DR 38 (acquired)

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DR 0-9, DR 10+, DR 20+, DR 30+